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Notary services happen to be one of the few legal processes that can be carried out under the authority of a paralegal. A notary service involves the verification of marks, signatures, and copies of documents (such as wills and powers of attorneys) as being authentic or genuine. A public notary who makes such verifications also has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits. An affidavit refers to a written statement or declaration of facts that are sworn or affirmed to be true.

We, as paralegals, offer notary services that may be offered by any of the public notaries on our team. Run Legal Support can handle all notary processes, including delivery of papers for verification, swearing affidavits, filing affidavits, among others. We also handle several other processes, including ensuring that there are no errors in your processes.

As paralegals, we tend to be more thorough with the paperwork since it is our area of expertise. We draft documents, file them, and execute court processes. We have offered our excellent services to several clients over the years, saving them from errors that could cause more costs or slow down the entire process. With such expertise and experience, we have what it takes to guide you through your legal processes or file and execute them.

Thus, if you want that touch of excellence, professionalism, and thoroughness, we are the team for you. Contact us today.

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Our paralegal services in California are unbeatable in all respects. Whether you need assistance with legal documentation, filing, or service, Run Legal Support is the team for the job. Contact us today!

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